The Adventure (student writing)

The Adventure

by Fransis Dickson

Carter and I sat in the summer kitchen as we waited for Hudson to arrive for our special meeting. When they arrived, we all sat down at the white table with the colored legs.  Our special meeting was about the money we all got for Christmas. It had been five months since we had our last meeting because of the continuous snow.  Once we got down to business, we started to talk about how we would use the money.

First, we decided that we would buy colored lights for the ceiling, and that Carter and Hudson would bring the staple gun and staples.  Then, we decided that I would bring paint because my mom had some left over from Christmas.  We had twenty dollars left and decided we would save it.  At the next meeting, I brought the paint, and Carter brought the staples and staple gun.  First, we sanded the walls and then painted the walls blue. It was hot out, so we opened the doors and windows.

Once the paint was dry, Carter and Hudson stapled the metallic silver lights onto the ceiling.  Once we finished, we went down to the creek. We were surprised to find a lady and her daughter playing.  When they saw us they screamed, “Ah.”  We scared them drastically. Then they ran away , so we were left in astonishment. After about ten minutes, we started to play.  Then a big current came and knocked us down. As we slowly walked drenched to the summer kitchen, we decided we would get changed and all eat our pizza in the summer kitchen.

My name is Fransis Dickson. I enjoy playing with American Girl dolls. I am from Texas.

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