I’m Hungry

I walk in the door from running an errand. My boys were in the midst of their evening snack routine. My youngest was finishing his small bag of chips.


“I’m still hungry,” he says.

“Make a sandwich,” I say.

He makes and eats a sandwich.


“I’m still hungry,” says my son.

“Grab a banana,” I say.

He eats his banana.


I think he is finally full.

I hope he is full.

I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow (again).


I’m taking part in a monthly blogging challenge through Two Writing Teachers. 

Slice of Life 2015

2 thoughts on “I’m Hungry

  1. Tenille says:

    I hate grocery store runs! It used to get under my skin when our teenagers would look in a full pantry and declare, “There’s nothing to eat!” Sometimes our children are bottomless pits.

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