The Helicopter

The sound of the helicopter changed all my plans for the evening.  Well at least two hours of my plans.

I sat down with my laptop and a pile of personal paperwork. Tonight would be the night I’d actually finish this pile, which I’ve been tackling a little bit at a time.  But first I had to check Facebook.  And then I saw the post about the helicopter circling our usually quiet development.  It was a helicopter that I hadn’t paid much attention to before I saw the post about its police activity.

Instead of finishing that paperwork, I found myself following a Facebook thread.  I found myself emailing friends in the area.  I found myself listening to the police scanner online.  My boys joined me.

“Can this count for school, mom?”

“Of course. You are learning how police keep us safe,” I agreed.

“So. I don’t have schoolwork tomorrow, then,” he pleaded.

I laughed and told him that it didn’t get him out of tomorrow’s school work.  Nice try!

Our international student joined us as we listened to the scanner and watched updates online.  Eventually the helicopter noise stopped. It was so quiet outside.  I kept on following the Facebook group posts. Was it over?  No one could confirm.  And then we decided we had had enough.  Family game night took over the rest of the evening. My pile of paperwork left for another day.  All because of that one helicopter.

After our family game night festivities, I did discover that the whole incident was safely over. 


I’m taking part in a monthly blogging challenge through Two Writing Teachers. 

Slice of Life 2015

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