Update on Cade’s Laser Treatment

This update is way overdue thanks to a stomach bug that hit our family this week. UGH! 

Cade did wonderfully with his latest laser treatment!

I will spare all the details of the day, but it was once again full of some waiting, seeing many nurses and doctors, and hoping Cade would wake up better this time around.

Cade playing while he waits

Still Waiting

Thankfully we had an early doctors appointment so the waiting wasn’t too long. The plastic surgeon was able to increase the intensity of the laser to 9.5, and he was able to make 140-some “dots” on Cade’s birthmark.  And best of all, Cade woke up wonderfully from the procedure. He actually was still sleeping when we were able to see him in recovery!!!

After he woke up at the hospital


Resting at home

It is now a little over a week later and Cade’s “dots” are starting to lighten!   His next treatment is scheduled for the end of May.  I’ll have to start putting sunscreen on his birthmark when we are outside for extended periods of time.  This isn’t for health reasons but to prevent any suntan on his birthmark.  When we go in May, we want to make sure we are treating his birthmark not a suntan! 🙂

I do have to share my favorite memory of the day.  Actually it started the night before.  Kory prayed, “Dear God, please make my brother brave tomorrow.”  And when we got the boys up at 5:15 to start the process of the day, Kory was right there to help Cade get ready, give him a hug, and let him know he hoped he had a good treatment. 

Kory helping Cade get ready for the day

The boys in their matching hospital socks (thanks to the nurse who sent home a pair for Kory!)

I was so excited when I texted my friend, who had Kory for the day, to share with Kory that his brother was indeed very brave during his procedure!