The Roller Coaster of Doom or Not! (student writing)

The Roller Coaster of Doom or Not!

by Derek

One day, Jake and Frank went on a roller coaster. They got the front seats on the ride. The roller coaster started to move and began to go faster. Everyone started to scream and shout. They had to wait a long time for the front seats, but it was worth it.

Now the roller coaster was at its highest point and was starting to dip down.  Jake had a fear of heights, but Frank dared him to go on the ride. Frank had been on many roller coasters because his father owns the park. The name of the park is Six Flags.

After the ride was over, Jake realized that the roller coaster was not as bad as he had thought it out to be.

My name is Derek. I like to play the piano. I also like to fix lawnmowers or just about everything.

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