Scared of Sledding (student writing)

Scared of Sledding

by Blind Henry

Four-year old Sarah walked up from the base of the sledding hill with her older sister. She had been sledding ever since it started snowing last week. Little did she know that this everyday experience would change her.  The two sisters loaded into the toboggan and shoved off down the hill. The stump was just a little thing covered in snow. They didn’t see it, but when they hit it, it sent them sprawling through the air.  To Sarah, it seemed as if the whole world was dead silent for about three seconds. Then they hit the icy ground. As Sarah came down her arm twisted, and there was a sickening SNAP as she blacked out.

Now a much older Sarah stood at the top of the sledding hill. Her breath was visible in the cold woods. She had been paranoid of the sledding hill ever since she crashed and broke her arm when she was little. Accompanied by her husband and child, she carefully laid out on the tube. Then she pushed herself down the hill. As she glided down the hill and skidded at the bottom, she laughed. Why was she so scared?

Blind Henry is in the 7th grade and lives in The Alaskan Yukon. He likes to hunt, fish, and mountain climb.

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