Lost in the Park (student writing)

Lost in the Park

by Aimee

“Chris, where are we?” Crystal asked her younger brother Christopher.

Crystal, a sweet, responsible 9-year-old, had no idea where she and her brother were!  She and 6-year-old Chris had finished eating their picnic lunch. They then had gone on a walk while their parents cleaned up.  They weren’t going to go very far, but they got lost! Crystal knew she shouldn’t panic for Chris’ sake, so she tried hard to stay calm.

“Wait. Where’s Chris?” Crystal suddenly thought and started looking around.

Over by the very big stream, she saw the tiny figure of Chris.

“Chris, back up so you don’t fall in!”

“What Crystal? AHHHH”

Crystal started running to the stream, her blond hair flying behind her.

“Chris, I’m coming.”

She quickly pulled him out of the stream, which he had fallen into.  Chris then broke into sobs.

“Chris, what’s the matter?”

“I’m wet and freezing, Crystal. I want to go home. Where are Mom and Dad!  I want them!”

“I don’t know Chris, but we’ll find them soon.”

“Crystal! Chris!  Where are you?” The sound of their mom’s worried voice rang through the trees.

“We’re over here!”  Crystal cried out.

“There you are,” Dad called. “We’ve been so worried.”

“Chris, you’re all wet.” Their mom commented after surveying his dripping blond hair and clothes.

“Mom. Dad. There’s one more thing I want to do before we leave.”

“What is it?” Crystal heard the love in Mom’s voice as she answered Chris.

“I want to feed the geese,” Chris shouted happily.

Aimee is in 7th grade and lives in Pennsylvania.  She likes to write and is pretty serious about ballet.

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