Our Snow Day

We rarely take a snow day.  As a homeschool family, we just keep trucking along with schoolwork.

Now. Before you shake your head and sigh. Let me explain what “trucking along with schoolwork” on a snow day truly means.

It means the boys get to hang out with their friends – from the neighborhood and online.  It means the boys’ school day gets adapted.  They usually work on their core subjects. It means they get a bit of a break, and I do as well.

I know these days are special.  I know they work hard.  I know that if we can count the day, they are one day closer to being done (usually by early May!).

Today was different. As we expected 8-10 inches of snow, my oldest came up to me and said.

“I haven’t had a real snow day yet this year.  Can I have one today?  I’m willing to work an extra day in May. I’d like the whole day off, please”

“Of course,” was my reply.

Because I wanted a real snow day too!


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