Sitting on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday afternoon I sit.  I sit with one son for a half-hour.  I sit with the other one for the next half-hour.

Sometimes her dog joins us.  We are used to his barking when we walk through the door.  We chuckle at how he slides against the floor.

One son prefers to snuggle with the dog on the floor.  The other prefers to sit in a specific chair.  I sit in the corner of her couch.

We whisper.  We share quiet laughs over games played on devices.  We discuss math or grammar worksheets.

I play on my phone, read a magazine, chuckle with my boys.

And in the background I listen to  the sounds of piano keys playing, of a teacher correcting, of a teacher encouraging, of a teacher challenging, of a teacher perfecting, of a student sharing, of a student perfecting.

Every Wednesday afternoon I sit while my boys have their piano lessons.

I’m taking part in a monthly blogging challenge through Two Writing Teachers. 

Slice of Life 2015

3 thoughts on “Sitting on Wednesdays

  1. says:

    I love how you kept me guessing right up to the end. I’ve blanked out my piano lesson days, I’m sure my teacher has too!

  2. says:

    Your use of the vague pronoun “she” creates an interesting sense of mystery. I love the ritual of this slice; some things happen the same way every time and instead of fading into the background, they are the moments we often treasure most! What a way to capture this memory for you and your boys!

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