Laundry Day (Literally) Stinks

Two bags of clothes sit in my garage.

I wish they were going to friends or a collection box or a donation center.

They will go in the trash.

I don’t check pockets when I do laundry.

My mom never checked pockets either.

I have washed (and dried) toys, pagers, money, wallets, coins, wrappers, crayons, chapstick.

I washed three fish oil tablets left in my sweatshirt pocket – along with a vitamin d capsule and a multivitamin.

Fish oil is supposed to help my skin glow, my body better function, my muscles not ache.

It was not supposed to ruin my clothes.

Washed fish oil horridly smells like: FISH that has gone bad.

I rewashed, rewashed in bleach, covered in baking soda, soaked in vinegar, rewashed.

Nothing could remove the smell.

My son’s favorite science center t-shirt – gone.

One of my son’s Spiderman sock from Christmas – ruined.

My sweatshirt – destroyed.

Random socks, little pairs of underwear, little pairs of jeans.

My husband’s workout sweatshirt.

All are wet and sitting in tied bags in my garage.

I wait to put them in the outside garbage can.

They smell like fish.

I don’t want to attract the cats that wander in the court.

I should have checked the pockets.

Better yet, I should have taken my fish oil right away.

This laundry day literally STINKS!


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7 thoughts on “Laundry Day (Literally) Stinks

  1. says:

    YIKES….I have been known to wash repeatedly when wayward tissues and pens join our wash….but I guess I never tangled with fish oil. I’m staying away from that!

  2. says:

    Oooooo, ugh. I can just imagine the smell. I’m going to share this post with my husband who is always putting pills in his pockets to “take later”. Maybe this will convince him to just take them right away!

  3. nanc says:

    Yikes, I hate when close get ruined…I have been taking fish oil too. I’m so glad for your reminder, written in a very clever way. XO

  4. Oh yes, your laundry really did stink. I hope you always remember to take your pills right away. I have put vitamins in my pocket as well. I won’t be doing that again:)

  5. Maria Selke (@mselke01) says:

    Ewwwwwww! I, too, have washed many things in the pockets of my clothes. I have to say I’ve never washed fish oil pills in them though!

  6. says:

    Oh, I can only imagine! It sounds like you tried everything you could think of. It was pretty humorous just thinking of it until I saw your son’s favorite t-shirt on the list!

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