Brainstorming and Heroes


Who is your hero?  Tell why that person is your hero.

My 8-year-old son is participating in an online writing class over the next two weeks.  The session is focusing on “Writing to a Prompt.”    The prompt happens to be about your hero.  The first lesson is on brainstorming.  I got a glimpse of his brainstorming list after his class.


Mommy.  Mommy is a hero because she cooks.

Daddy. Daddy is a hero because he makes money.

God. God is a hero because he made me.

God is a real hero. He does everything.


My heart melted at all three. And also chuckled that I am a hero because I cook.  I’ve come along way from turkey sandwiches and Ramen Noodles in college.

Of course when I asked him about his hero homework for tomorrow, he said, “Oh I forgot to list Steve from Minecraft and Spiderman.  My (online) teacher said I can list make-believe heroes too.”

Tomorrow he has to tell his (online) teacher which hero will be his focus for his paper.

Which one does he want to write about?

Steve from Minecraft. Although he hasn’t mentioned yet why Steve is his hero.

It’s okay. At least I made his brainstorming list. 🙂


Who is your hero?  And why?


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