A Good Day of Homeschooling

A good day of homeschooling for us equals:

a lot of progress made in our curriculum.

missed phone calls.

a lot of hours tracked for the day.

a very messy house.

a slow response on emails.

a table full of papers, notes and pencils.

a short slice.

I’m attempting to take part in the “The Fifth Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge” through the month of March. The challenge is run by Two Writing Teachers.

3 thoughts on “A Good Day of Homeschooling

  1. pamelahodges says:

    And may I add to that.
    A Mommy who loves her boys.
    Loved your slice.
    The messier my house is,
    the happier my kids are.
    May no one ever say to me,

    “She kept a perfect house.”

  2. Iya Hannum says:

    Your house may be messy… but who are you kidding? I know you got way more done than that! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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