The Broken Deer – Slice of Life

I pass this deer on my daily outdoor walk.  One of his antlers is missing.  His paint is chipped. He is broken.

“Why does his owner keep him? Does she not realize he is broken?” I quietly mumbled to myself the first time I noticed the fake deer.

The second day of my walk, I checked every tree on my path to find this deer.  I couldn’t find him.

The third day, I found him.  “He is broken. He should be thrown away,” I thought to myself.  

“Wait. What do I keep that is broken?” I asked myself.

Chipped dishes sit in my cupboard. Torn towels sit in my bathrooms.  I still grieve over broken friendships I doubt will ever be repaired.  Broken promises by others bounce in my head.  Tiny holes are in some of my shirts.

Yet I hold onto all these broken things.  I’m not too different than the owner of this broken deer. I hope someday she or he will be outside when I walk pass this deer.   “Why do you keep this deer?” I can then ask them.

I will look for this deer each day I walk outside and let him remind me that I need to let go of some broken things I hold onto too tightly.

What broken things do you need to let go?

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4 thoughts on “The Broken Deer – Slice of Life

  1. I have a broken stool. The objects that are broken are easy to identify. The relationships that are broken in my life I carry in an old sack. I think I either need to repair them, or let them go.

  2. elsie says:

    It took me a while to think of something that I have that is broken. I suppose I have some jewelry that is broken and I think I will repair it so I can wear it again. Most broken things are disposed of and replaced. It will be interesting to learn the story of the deer.

  3. The broken deer looks so sad. I have a ceramic cat I made in Girls Scouts (decades ago) that has chips and cracks…it doesn’t look that sad to me. Maybe it really is…

  4. Jill says:

    If you ever do ask them, please update us to let us know!!! I’m curious now too!! I think of the little statue we have for Aidan under his tree at Granna and Papa’s. I wonder if it’s a gift from a child or grandchild. I wonder if it’s something someone painted for them….

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