Sponge Bob, Mario Cart and International Communication

We are a couple weeks into hosting our international high school student.  It has been a fun experience that we all have been enjoying. I can’t help to think that some of those international communication classes I took in grad school are finally paying off! Last night as the boys were out with Keith to get video games, I sat and chatted with Heidi. She shared about Korean culture. I shared about American culture. We both learned about each other. What fun!

I’ve been reminded over the past few weeks that some things don’t require any effort in international communication. Here are some things that haven’t required any special explanation or finding the right words as I watch the boys and Heidi interact.

Sponge Bob SquarePants: “Do you know Sponge Bob?” “Of course!”

Any video game/DS version of Mario Brothers: “Mario Cart is my favorite” as I watch the three of them huddled together playing video games on the couch.

Bubbles: “Oh I love bubbles” as I watch my youngest and her blow bubbles and chase them around.

Sidewalk Chalk: The three of them sat and drew a whole Sponge Bob scene on my driveway.

What fun this has been!

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