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Tonight I slowly lifted the spoon from the sauce pan to my lips.  The first taste of the blueberry-honey sauce was amazing.  I had just made it for the pork shoulder that sat in my crock pot all day with spices, honey and olive oil.  I took a slice of pork out of the crock pot.  I drizzled the fresh sauce on top of the tender piece of pork.  I savored the first and second and third bites.  Amazing.

I chuckled at myself. “You’ve come a long way baby,” is what I thought.  And then I really chuckled because I don’t smoke, yet that slogan seemed to fit perfectly.

When my husband and I first met, my cooking skills included making turkey sandwiches, mac and cheese from a box and warming up a can of soup or SpaghettiOs.  Prior to that I didn’t HAVE to cook.   I either lived at home (thanks mom!) or lived in a college dorm (caf food or take out!).  Ironically, my husband cooked for me when we celebrated his birthday for the first time together.  We both get a good laugh out of that now!

When we married, we had a deal.  He cooked. I cleaned.  That worked wonderfully for the first (pre-kid) six years of our marriage.  That all shifted when I became a stay-at-home mom.  It was all of a sudden my responsibility to make sure we had a warm (or sometimes cold) meal to eat.

Sometimes I have done a great job taking care of this.  Sometimes I have failed miserably. I’ve stared at the clock thinking, “Oh. No. What can I throw together?”   I’ve attempted recipes that turned out horrible. I’ve been reminded by my kids and husband, “Please don’t try three new meals within the same week.”  And sometimes, I simply amaze myself.  Tonight is one of those nights.

Now to go get some seconds on this amazing meal!


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5 thoughts on “Cooking Skills

  1. I love your post! You’ve written humorously but honestly and so many of us can relate. I love that you haven’t given up trying new things because – hey – everyone once in a while you hit success! Enjoy the leftovers!

    1. Miriam Sikking says:

      Great job persevering. It isn’t where we begin but the fact that we continue to push forward with our goals.

  2. What a learning experience! I always envy those people who cook so naturally, without even using recipes. I had to learn, too, by trial and error. Your family benefits!

  3. says:

    I think that sense of worry when looking at the clock towards the end of the day and wondering, “What can I make tonight?” is so real for so many of us, whether cooking comes naturally or not! Your post made me smile. Thanks!

  4. It’s surprising how good food can be when you know just a little. I’ve read recipes before and been like “Really? that’s it?” And it is. I’ve also read recipes when there have been way too many ingredients. I stay away from those. Thanks for this taste of your life.

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