Searching for Pads

If you are a woman, you know exactly what I am talking about when I say the word “pad.” If you are a man, you are probably cringing at the word and thinking, “oh no.”

Have you ever just stopped and noticed all the choices us women have when it comes to our feminine hygiene. Thin. Overnight. Super absorbant. Ultra thin. Wings. No wings. Always. Kotex. Carefree.

If you are like me, you don’t stop and notice all the different packages. Instead you look for the package you recognize and throw it in your cart without giving any of the other options a chance.

Usually I have a nice stockpile stored under my bathroom sink. Come on, how many of us have been at a friend’s house to only realize we deseperately need a pad? We try to stay calm yet quickly and quietly open bathroom closets and doors in our host’s bathroom in hopes of finding that neatly wrapped little square we need. I know I’m not the only one. 😉

I had that same alarm awhile ago. Ironically, I wasn’t at a friend’s house. I was in my own bathroom. Instead of finding a package of squares looking back at me, I found only a couple. A couple?!? How did I only have a couple? How did I let this happen? I really didn’t want to run to the store with my two sons just to get pads. My husband would willingly stop for me, but I really didn’t want to put that burden on him.

It was then that I was instantly taken back to when I cleaned out my purse at a friend’s house. I remember joking with her that I must have been expecting to use a lot of pads that month. I felt like the magician who continually pulls out the different colored handkerchiefs that are tied together. You think his handkerchief trick will never end. That is how I felt cleaning out the pads from my purse that day.

I chuckled at that memory and instantly thought of checking some of the other places pads could be hiding, I mean stored, throughout my house. I started my search. Office desks drawer – check. The downstairs bathroom – check. The “random” drawer in the kitchen – check. The glove box in my van – check. The “random” bags sitting in my office – check. I was too excited to find the pads to question my thought process behind storing the pads in these funny places.

I had hit the goldmine of pads stored throughout my house!

Where is the goofiest place you have stored pads?

I’m attempting to take part in the “The Fifth Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge” through the month of March. The challenge is run by Two Writing Teachers.

17 thoughts on “Searching for Pads

  1. says:

    for me it’s tampax, but yeah…all over the place. under sink cabinet. gym bag 1. gym bag 2. drawer in office at work. quarters in cup at work for just in case i need to use the machine. sometimes the glovebox in car. you can never be too prepared ;D

  2. Chris says:

    Having 2 teen girls, we have pads in lots of different hiding places. They are also very particular about their brands, so I spend way too much time in that aisle making sure I have the right ones!
    Thanks for a witty slice!

  3. Maria says:


    Yes, I have them “stashed” all over as well. Every bag, many drawers, at work and at home. Funniest story was when I was shopping with the boys and they asked me why women needed diapers. I begged off the discussion.

  4. says:

    This made me laugh, mostly because you are so right that we can all relate! I am an OB girl, and let me tell you how hand it is that those things are so tiny! I can have enough for an entire year in my purse and they still fit in that tiny little zipper pocket. 🙂 And, of course, the gym bag, every purse, so I don’t have to worry about it when I grab a different purse for a different outfit or occasion, bathroom cupboard and the extra box in the linen closet, the glove box in my car, and a box at my mom’s since she has moved beyond the necessity of feminine hygiene products such as these. 🙂

  5. says:

    You had me at your description on the TWT website. I was already smiling at that point. I smiled and nodded through this entire post. Just this morning I was adding this lovely item to my shopping list and searching my own house for a hidden resource. So true….so funny.

  6. says:

    I can’t think of any crazy places you might find these at my house but my favorite stories on this topic come from seeing men in the feminine hygiene aisle at the grocery store. They are usually trying to decipher the wife’s instructions and often on a cell phone. I couldn’t understand the trouble – until my husband sent me to the hardware store for staple gun staples. Do you know how many kinds and boxes there are? Yeah. I called home.

  7. pamelafernuikhodges says:

    Your writing really involved me as the reader, by asking questions. Your piece was very conversational and friendly. A delight to read. I am working on not saying ” I like it”, or “good job”, which would of course be true 🙂

  8. Kathleen Gillis says:

    My son (not yet 3) likes to go through my purse looking for cars, candy, money, and occasionally throws things out of the bag. Last week he blithely threw out a pad and a tampon into his sister’s basketball game. That was fun!

  9. You’re right! You’re not the only one who’s peeked into that cabinet at a friend’s house. Hilarious. I could see myself all over this post. Wierdest place? Cubby hole in the driver’s side door on my car or handlebar bag on my old bicycle!

  10. says:

    Very funny! I really only find mine in the same place in the bathroom closet. I have found that it’s the perfect place for me to hide my Dove chocolates from my son. He would NEVER think to look in that box. Ever. Enjoyed your post. Thanks!

  11. says:

    I can so relate to this post! I have pads & tampons stashed all over and I, too, have gone on a hunt around my house when the box under the sink is getting low. Purses, extra bags, coat pockets, the glove box. A clue that it was time to clean out my purse: when my friend asked to borrow a pen and I accidentally gave her a tampon.

  12. says:

    Too true! The worst was a desperate moment at work. Not only was I out of luck, I found out I was one of the only ones there that needed them! The restrooms at the Premium Outlets don’t have those little machines! It was time to get creative…. I’ll just leave it at that.

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