My coffee pot died

My coffee pot died this morning.  Well, the pot didn’t.  The whole bean grinder inside of it did.  When I pushed the on/off button, all it did was hum. It wanted to start but couldn’t.

Just yesterday, I bought a bag of whole coffee beans.  I had one remaining packet of ground coffee.  Just one to use this morning to make our daily coffee. I just had to push the “grind off” button before starting the pot.

I could shop for a new coffee pot, but I don’t have a car today.  My husband is driving my minivan.  His car is in the shop. Its battery is like my bean grinder.  It wants to start but all it does it make a low hum.

I could grind all the whole beans in a separate grinder, but I gave away my grinder. I didn’t think I needed it anymore.  I gave it back to my sister when she relocated closer to me. She gave it to me two years ago because she had too many bean grinders.  It is now at her apartment three hours away.  She may have to bring it back, but maybe she is using it now.

Sometimes, I give things away and then need them later.  Clothes. Airline tickets. Food. Coffee Grinders.  It is sometimes a pattern with me in my need desire to be generous to others.

Maybe my neighbor has a coffee bean grinder. Then I can walk over to her house or send my boys to ring her door bell. I will watch for coffee pots to go on sale. A nice one. One with a grinder that doesn’t hum.

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4 thoughts on “My coffee pot died

  1. Judy says:

    Not a good way to start your day. Love the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans. Hopefully, coffee pots will go on sale soon or maybe Santa will bring you one.

  2. Lynn says:

    My pot broke the other morning as well… It sort of threw me off for the day. Thank goodness for McDonald’s drive through! Oh and sometimes it’s not worth waiting for the sale 🙂

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