I adore magazines, especially free ones.

Right now here is what is in my stack of magazines to read:

Cooking Light is one of the few magazines I actually buy through a subscription. If a recipe’s ingredients list isn’t too long, doesn’t have completely unfamiliar ingredients, and doesn’t call for dry yeast, I might be tempted to try it.

Woman’s Day – I got this subscription free. Thank you Coke Reward Points. Yes, I drink too much Dt. Coke. I hear that from my dentist all the time. 🙂

Working Mother – I subscribe to this one as well. And yes. I know. I don’t completely understand why I buy this. I have a hard time figuring out what kind of mother I am. Some days I’m a homeschooling mama. Some days I’m a stay-at-home one. Other days I’m a work-at-home mom. Most days, I’m just tired, and this magazine helps me feel not so far out of the loop of how different moms make life work.

Glamour – When I subscribe to this one, I mark the two year option. I savor the Glamour magazines. Usually I read them over a weekend while relaxing and curled up on the couch. Right now I have two of them in my magazine pile.

The Family Handyman issue I picked up for free at the library.  I started reading this one already. My husband was less then thrilled when he came home and I showed him the pages I tore out with wonderful ideas. We could store things over the unused space over doors. What if we added pegboard to our wire shelves like this guy did?

An issue of This Old House from library’s free pile waits to be read.  It tells me how to reinvent rooms with color and how to give your backyard a French cafe feel.  This should be fun to read. And again, Keith will probably dread the torn out pages with painting ideas.

Healthy Cooking from Taste of Home. This one is from the library’s free pile. I will learn 187 ways to live well. I’m sure I’ll be disappointed at not learning anything new.

Us Weekly is again free from the library’s little basket of freebies.  I’ll be able to learn how Kim Kardashian lost 10 pounds in 10 days and how Michelle still honors Heath’s memory.  I know. Not the most advanced reading for me, but some days all I want is mindless reading.

Mother Earth News magazine sits in my van waiting to be read.  I got this one free at the library too. I had to laugh. My mom reads Mother Earth News.  Maybe I’ll pick up some tips on being friendlier to the environment.

So yes. I know my list won’t exactly please many of my book-loving friends. Um. Yeah. You know who you are. 😉 Don’t worry, I’m working on reading a few books too.

It is reading. It is time for me. I can read them in snippets. I can read them in waiting rooms. I can read them at gymnastics. I can read them while traveling. Then I will pass them to a friend, who adores magazines too. Hopefully the stack I pass off will include the Glamour ones shortly. If not, she will soon send me a text. “Where are the Glamour magazines? I need an escape with Glamour,” she will say.

Oh and I will be at the library again on Friday. Maybe they will have some new magazine treasures in the freebie pile.

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