Inspiration Paused

This week I am lacking inspiration for writing.  Some weeks and days I can see it all around me. A story here. A story there. This week, I don’t see inspiration at all.  Where did it go?

Maybe it is the fact that all my paid writing assignments are done and submitted.  Maybe it is the fact that we are wrapping up my son’s school year with his final assessment completed yesterday.  Maybe it is the fact that I’m letting my brain rest.

Maybe I just don’t want to see the inspiration this week.  All my other responsibilities call my name this week.  And I’m not talking about running to the grocery store or bank. Instead my calendar is full of baseball games, final programs, board meetings and escaping away.

Regardless, it is nice to let my brain put a pause to the inspiration I am choosing to ignore around me.  I think I’ll hit the unpause button next week!

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4 thoughts on “Inspiration Paused

  1. says:

    I get this. Although I’ve been on a 3 month brain break! A little writing here, a little bit there but nothing substantial at all. I almost thought “Seven” was going to help with it, but instead I happily devoured her writing without any thought to my own.
    Oh well, everyone needs a break I suppose! 🙂

  2. When we are inspired, that is the time to write about living. When it is time for living, then we should just live and flow. Could this ebb and flow of writing be guided by some part of our brain that dictates when to rest and when to write?

    Although I rarely post on Slice of Life, I feel inspiration from other people’s sources of inspiration. Inspiration to live…and to write!

  3. Writing about not writing is writing. A life full of things to do, weeds to pull and dishes to wash. Your brain is percolating, who knows what depth of insight you will see.

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