Fun Hiking Day (student writing)

Fun Hiking Day

by Joy

Once there were four people. They went hiking up the biggest mountain. Their names are Amy, John, Selena and baby Maria.  It was snowy on the mountain but sunny.

My name is Selena, and my baby is Maria. As I am hiking, I am really cold, but I am having fun. My family and I have been hiking for about two days so far. We are hiking because we needed a vacation from work. This is our second time hiking on this mountain. We are staying overnight. I hope it goes well.

I am in a tent sleeping in a sleeping bag, and it’s really cold. Also, I am hungry.  I’m going to make some s’mores.

While we were going to make s’mores, we heard a lot of wild animals like skunks, owls, snakes and tons of more animals. We started a fire, and then we sat down and started to melt our marshmallows. Next, while we were sitting, we started to sing a campfire song. Then we all got tired and decided to go to bed. While we slept, a skunk came into my tent and sprayed my baby and me.  I woke up screaming because I smelt so horrible. It was 4:30 in the morning, and I had to go and wash up.

Joy is in 7th grade and loves to play soccer and dance.

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