Finding inspiration in what you can’t blog

I stare at the blank screen.  I’ve been waiting all week for inspiration for this post.  I can’t find it.

I take that back. I’ve had inspiration, but it has come in the forms of things I can’t, shouldn’t, don’t need to blog.

The small details of frustrations. The large issues of concern.  The wishes for drama-free. The confidences held.

In those moments of inspiration, I can create beautiful blog posts. Sentences that speak healing.  Words that bring comfort. Phrases that make the various situations all better.

The sentences, words and phrases don’t find their place on the blog but are mostly released elsewhere. Some are conveyed verbally. Some are sent privately.  And many just stay in my head.

Maybe someday the sentences, words and phrases will be ready, available and released to blog for others to find healing, hope and “I’m not alone.”

But now is not that time.

How is that for a very cryptic post – don’t worry – I’m fine. 😉

I’m  attempting to post every Tuesday as part of the weekly Slice of Life over at Two Writing Teachers.

2 thoughts on “Finding inspiration in what you can’t blog

  1. says:

    This happens lots to me also. Sometimes – oftentimes – blogging is not the right spot for the words. And we wait for the inspiration to come, meanwhile writing about not being able to blog! Yup. Been there!

  2. Jaana says:

    This no-inspiration is why I love slice of life as I can read other posts and get inspired again. Sometimes I feel like I am an “idea collector” when I read these weekly posts.

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