Summer (June) Goals

Yeah!  It is the start of summer for us today since Kory’s official school work is done!

I love summer. Always have. As a kid, it meant no school, plenty of time to play outdoors, eating watermelon (and having watermelon seed spitting contests with my siblings and cousins) and lots of time swimming!

As an adult and especially as a homeschooling mom, I look forward to a break over the summer. Plenty of watermelon to eat. Fresh blackberry limeade waiting to be made. Hosting cookouts (I hope!). Swimming and lounging by the pool – hopefully we will get it set up soon!

And most importatnly, three months to fully focus on me!  During the school year, I fit “me” in where I can.  In the summer, it is about “me”.  Time for me to be a bit more selfish.

Last year, I had two summer goals:  1. purge my house of baby stuff (check) 2. train for a tri (check).

This summer, I am working on my summer goals list. And no, I won’t be training for another tri this year. My Trek bike sits in my garage, and my hip and shoulder are recovering from injuries resulting from one leg being shorter than the other.

I have too many things running through my brain of what I want to do this summer. Relax. Work on flower beds. Go through pictures. Sort through bags of “stuff.” Purge my kids’ toys. Read. Write. Exercise.

I’m trying to not “overwhelm” myself on my first day “off”.  Instead, I’m going to make goals for each month.

June’s goals

– Exercise:   My husband and I are doing an exercise challenge. For each day in June, I will do the same number of push ups and chin ups. Of course, I will adapt the push up and chin up simply because my arm strength is really low. 🙂  June 1st – one of each. June 30 – 30 of each.  I also want to get back into the habit of daily walking.

– Writing:  I  signed up to be part of a virtual writing camp called “Teachers Write” hosted by Kate Messner. I’m excited to see my personal writing progress grow as well as picking up some teaching tips through this summer camp.

– Flower Beds:  I want to tackle, clean and remulch one of my smaller flower beds. While I was mowing yesterday, I noticed how overgrown it had become. I figure one flower bed at a time is better than trying to plan for the 4 flower beds I have – one which is really really really huge and overgrown but hidden by our fence.

Simple goals for June right?!!  I’ll try to post at the end of June with my progress.

What are your goals for June?