Feeling Lost

I really felt lost yesterday. I started into my regular online routine.  I checked Facebook and then Twitter. Usually I go straight for a Twitter search on #slice2012. It was then I remembered, the challenge is done.

Yesterday, I went to the dashboard of my blog to get ready to post my writing for the day. Wait, I thought. I don’t have a post for today. There are probably no new comments since I haven’t posted any thing, I remembered.

Instead, I tackled a mound of paperwork that piled up over the past month. Things for my husband’s business. Things for tracking medical miles. Things for tracking expenses for my son’s vision therapy. My brain almost felt thankful for not having to think about writing but handle such mundane things.

Surely the feeling of loss will pass, I thought. Yet, I woke up today and started into my regular routine. Facebook – check. Twitter – check. #slice 2012 – check. Oh wait. No new posts, I sighed.

I decided to read some slices I missed over the past few days. Then I opened my dashboard. Not to check for comments but simply to write so I would no longer feel lost.